Call Answering: Off on holiday and worried about missing a sales call?

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We’re quickly approaching the holiday season which can mean business goes on hold and sales opportunities are missed…

FEAR NOT! Here at Fresh Flow we successfully provide a Call Answering Service, supporting a wide variety of businesses and sole traders.

This allows you the opportunity to take that well deserved holiday and not miss that all important sales call.

Whether you work alone or just need some added support as staff are away over the holiday season, Fresh Flow are here to help!

We also take calls when phones are not being manned, you are busy and unable to take the call or you just want to take a lunch break. Our support means you never miss an opportunity!

We don’t do lengthy contracts, or even fixed retainers – you simply pay each month for the total amount of time our agents are on the phone.

Take a look at our competitive rates…it’s a no brainer!

0 – 100 mins: £1.20 p/m
100 – 200 mins: £1.10 p/m
200 – 300 mins: £1.00 p/m
300+ mins : £0.90 p/m Prices ex. Vat


If you would like to take advantage of this great opportunity or would like further information give us a call on 01443 440080. We look forward to hearing from you!

For more information on our Inbound Call Answering Services, click here.

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