Exhibition Follow Up

Exhibitions cost a lot of money to stage, and exhibitors spend time and effort to generate as many enquiries as possible. Unfortunately in our experience; hot leads from an exhibition are rarely followed up in a co-ordinated fashion or in fact in a timely manner.

Research shows that a hot lead will go cold within three days of the enquiry being made at an exhibition.

This is a fairly small window within which to cement a follow up appointment to maximise your return on what can be a significant investment. That’s where we come in; to cement an immediate ‘touch’ point with the prospect, preventing it going cold.

Furthermore, we are also able to conduct post event surveys which can help to:
  • Gather market intelligence and improvement opportunities
  • Gauge the levels of satisfaction from both exhibitors and attendees to an event
  • Gain quality testimonials and case studies for future exhibitions
  • Generate enquiries for future exhibitions and events
  • Generate business and sales opportunities

To succeed in business you need pace and momentum!