B2B Online Surveys

How well do you know your customers?

You think you’re making the right business decisions for your company and your customers, but how do you know for sure? One way to get the valuable information you need to keep moving your company – and your profits – forward is to create online business surveys to gauge the interests and satisfaction of your customers.

At Fresh Flow, our unique blend of survey management, market research and telemarketing deliver exceptional intelligence, enabling you to make the right decisions to grow your business.  Our beautifully designed surveys can be tailored to your specific needs.

To discover how a professional survey can help grow your business call us today. We are always happy to chat and give advice if needed.


Collect survey responses wherever you want

Surveys can be shared with participants from a range of platforms, including Facebook, Twitter, Linked In, Email, Text etc. You simply share the link created on your chosen tools!

The survey can also be embedded in your website or passed across to our experienced telemarketing team to call and enter responses manually.

Multiple question types

You can choose from a variety of different question types. Use open or closed questions, multiple-choice grids or tables, forms and more.

Add as many questions as you want – there is no limit!

Multilingual Surveys

Allow your participants to choose which language they would like to take your survey in. One single survey can be created in many different languages so participants are able to choose their preference.

Reporting – The value of a good survey is in the detail

On completion of the survey, you will be provided with beautiful reports, including charts and graphs for each of your questions. You can easily browse through every response from participants one by one, giving full insight into your collected data. Dig deeper into your data by applying filters based on different criteria, and use results to inform growth and development!

Get the most out of your data!

The primary reason for conducting online surveys is to gather responses and insights from target groups and use the data to shape decision making. You can download detailed raw data as an Excel or CSV file (which can easily be imported into your CRM) and use it to guide your business to the next level.