At Fresh Flow, communication is key. We believe in proactively serving our clients, tailoring campaigns to specifically satisfy their quantifiable needs, ultimately ensuring a maximum return on their investment.

We deliver integrated marketing campaigns for B2B businesses across a wide range of sectors. Our experience covers a full range of outbound and inbound marketing channels, including marketing automation, analytics reporting, content marketing, email campaigns, direct mail and telemarketing. In order to deliver quality results in each of these disciplines, ongoing communication is vital.

One of our unique propositions is that every marketing campaign has agreed KPI’s and outcomes before the campaign begins.

We guarantee to fully understand our clients’ needs and requirements before we start any campaign.

This enables both parties to review and assess the success of the campaign. Where possible we quantify the outcomes so that our clients can evaluate the return on their investment. This open and honest communication at the start of a campaign, lays a solid foundation for us to secure planned results.

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As a campaign begins, our flexible approach means clients can work with us to re-focus their message, target new sectors or even alter their pitch during a campaign. Communication is key to this flexible partnership and is something we encourage.

In order to deliver high quality campaigns, client feedback is essential.

We listen to our clients, take on board their comments and perfect our campaigns together.

We hold regular review meetings and have ongoing communication throughout projects and campaigns, to ensure that we are meeting their deliverables and requirements. Often, feedback can help us streamline the pitch and produce a higher conversion rate based on prospect feedback.

You will have your own dedicated client services manager!