Email Marketing

Fresh Flow offer a variety of email marketing campaign services including; campaign design, campaign management, e-shot design, email list generation and campaign forensics and statistics.

When used properly, email marketing is a brilliant way to directly sell your products or services to a targeted audience.

Many organisations make the mistake of sending generic, boring, untargeted emails to a mass shotgun list of people. This has a negative effect on you as an individual and with reputational risk being so prevalent in today’s marketplace, no company can afford its reputation or brand to be damaged by poorly planned marketing campaigns.

Our dynamic email marketing campaigns are carefully planned and delivered.

We only send our e-shots to targeted companies. This direct, finetuned approach ensures a far better response rate.

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If you want to maximise your marketing this year, you need to be integrating email into your marketing mix.

E-mail marketing takes you directly to your customers, every time you have a product or service to sell or a pertinent message to get out there.

Rather than relying on them finding you through SEO, or interacting with you on Social Media or Linkedin, sending an e-shot or personalised e-mail gives you another chance to reach out to your customers on a personal level.

And with the rise of mobile internet, email marketing lets you grab your customers’ attention on the move. With exciting copy, winning design and solid data planning, including e-mail into your marketing mix can be hugely powerful and memorable.

As a leading direct marketing agency, we can work closely with you to produce an exclusive design, killer text, powerful images and a tailored program to send them at the best possible time to deliver outstanding results.

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