Inbound Call Catching

Modern day life can get pretty hectic; the unrelenting flow of people trying to get your attention seems incessant. Fresh Flow’s inbound call catching services help you do what you do best while we handle your enquiries.

We serve as an extension of your company… your outsourced PA or receptionist, and receive incoming calls for clients, helping you to focus on conducting your business.

As far as the caller is concerned, they are speaking directly with a friendly contact at your company.

If our customers or their sales/customer service teams are not available or are due to be out of the office or on holiday, or even if they would just prefer for somebody else to take their calls, then we step in to help.

Our clients have realised that every time they miss a call, it’s an opportunity missed to make valuable contact with their clients. Because we have excellent systems we ensure that all incoming calls for our clients are answered professionally and processed quickly.

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Whether it’s as an overflow service for when multiple calls come through or you are unable to man the phone, we can answer your calls. And best of all, our support means you never miss a sales opportunity!

We don’t do lengthy contracts, or even fixed retainers – you simply pay each month for the total amount of time our agents are on the phone.

Ask about our competitive rates…it’s a no brainer!

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After hundreds of campaigns and years of experience in representing our clients on the phones you can rest assured that we’ll be representing you in a polite and friendly manner. We promptly feedback all information gathered from the call, always including a reason for the call, full names, a contact number and contact email, as well as any bespoke information you require.

You can receive details via email, text, through your own helpdesk/call logging solution or on our online platform, that means calls can be accessed by multiple individuals from anywhere at any time! This platform also offers an app service, making the whole process very simple and user friendly!

Missing business opportunities and sales enquiries is not a good idea…so don’t! Let us answer those calls instead!

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