Data Cleansing and Validation

As direct marketing grows in popularity, sophisticated marketing data has become an imperative.

By using high quality, cleansed data with decision maker contacts and personalised opt-in email addresses, our clients see dramatic improvements in their returns. Coupled with a more integrated approach to their marketing spend, results are enhanced significantly.

Information is king!

We can cleanse:
  • Decision maker changes – people moving on, promotions or new starters
  • Correct contact details such as telephone, mobile and email address
  • Company relocations
  • Companies no longer trading
  • Company accreditations
  • VAT numbers
  • Company registration numbers

Approximately 30% of business to business data declines in quality every year. So if your marketing database is just two years old, it is likely that 60% will be out of date. As such two thirds of your direct marketing budget could be going to waste! This is a problem that we can solve effectively and competitively with our database cleaning services. Cleansing your data on a regular basis will ensure that you have the correct information for any campaign.

Our telephone database cleaning services are an affordable method to ensure your data is accurately maintained. We do this by refreshing address details, capturing email addresses and direct dial numbers as well as gathering new, additional  and replacement contacts with specific responsibilities for different business areas or budgets.

Data protection is always at the forefront of anything that we do and we are very proud of the robust systems we ensure delivery on this.

A clean, well-maintained database can mean the difference between a great looking sales pipeline and sales people who are twiddling their thumbs.


You may not have purchased any data yet. We can provide you with fully opted-in, up to date data with contact decision-makers in your target markets.

It’s all in the data!

Whether you need to purchase B2B data or need to cleanse an existing database – we can help. Call 01443 440080 to find out more!