What Makes Good Data Good and Bad Data Bad?

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The Secrets to Successful Data

What makes good data good and bad data bad? Clients ask this question in a lot of our business meetings. So what better way to answer it than in blog form!

It’s actually a really good question and it has a few important answers:

1. Make your data relevant

– one way to do this is to have very clear objectives on what you want the outcome of your campaign to be and specifically who you want to target. Make sure all the data matches those objectives and the campaign with produce meetings that won’t just waste your time.

2. Make sure there are phone numbers

– we know this one sounds obvious but you’d be surprised with how much data we get that has not one contact number! It can be rather time consuming sourcing these phone numbers from search engines and websites. This takes valuable time away from getting through to Decision Makers, generating those leads and setting those lucrative appointments.

3. Be discerning

– don’t just go with any old data, be selective. 150 relevant leads are so much better than 300 more generic ones. Even if the data is lacking in volume, a good telesales team (that would be us) would make more important connections from 150 good leads than they would from twice that amount of bad leads. This ends up costing you less money but getting you more business – bargain!

4.Sample your data

– when you look into data brokering, buy a smaller amount of data first, if that turns out to be well-sourced, clean and relevant purchase some more. It’s a sort of try before you buy situation.

5. Always include previous clients

– even if you’ve lost a few clients along the way we can help get them back for you. We can initially re-build the relationship and set an appointment for you to do all the face to face reconciliation. “For there is nothing lost, that may be found, if sought”. Poetic…

So there you have it, five steps to building your perfect database. Once you hand that data over to us you’ll really start to see the fruits of your data labour! We could tell you to go and get as much data as you can get your hands on and then pay us lots of money to work through the whole thing, but that’s just not how we like to do business.

If you’re on our wavelength (and it’s a pretty nice place to be) and are interested in looking into some UK telesales teams then get in touch, we’d really love to hear from you.

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