Values and Ethics in Marketing

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Marketing with a Community Spirit

When it comes to marketing, especially telemarketing, many companies are concerned about the values and ethics held by the marketers. We hear horror stories about the illegal and unethical practices of cold-callers and flagrant invasions of privacy. Fortunately, this couldn’t be further from the type of direct marketing practiced by Fresh Flow.

We exist only to help B2B companies reach out to their target audience. Fresh Flow are all about community values and we rigidly adhere to the parameters of Data Protection laws. Our founders, Ben and Lois Franks are strong supporters of their community who regularly support their local church and food bank.

This week, the UK government introduced new laws that protect a person’s right to be forgotten, presenting the first amendment to the Data Protection Act since 1998. Although many are concerned that companies are not prepared for these changes, Fresh Flow have always upheld a policy that stresses the customer’s complete control over their personal data.

GTFM - The Heart of the Community!GTFM’s Workplace of the Week!

For an example of Fresh Flow’s community ethos, check out this segment from GTFM, our favourite local community radio station. We were listening to the station in the office and decided to take part in one of their competitions, the next thing we knew, an odd sort of friendship developed and GTFM announced that Fresh Flow Direct Marketing was to be their very first Workplace of the Week!


We hope this demonstrates how taking an active part in the local community helps everyone and costs next to nothing. Fresh Flow helped out a local volunteer-led station and they provided exposure and the beginnings of a promising relationship (plus a lovely framed certificate!). This is the kind of community spirit we hope epitomizes the Fresh Flow approach to business.

In many ways, we at Fresh Flow like to think of ourselves as chameleons. When a client enlists our services, we become their marketing team; we try our very best to replicate the passion and vision shared by the client and we are happy for the ‘Fresh Flow’ brand to become invisible to the customer. There are, however, certain aspects of our identity that we are committed to keeping strong. This includes the values and ethics that we hold dear.

As always, if you want to learn more about the Fresh Flow approach to business give us a ring on 01443 440080 or hit us up on Or let us know about any community events in the area – we love to mingle with other local businesses!

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