Welcome Back Lois!!

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We have some great news coming from Fresh Flow Towers! Our beloved leader and Managing Director, Lois is back in the office following her maternity leave and simply cannot wait to get back to work!

Even though Lois was still heavily involved with us while she was welcoming the beautiful Evan Rhys and Caleb Jac into the world, she is now back full time and ready to ensure Fresh Flow continues to make the giant strides we make, year on year.

All of us at Fresh Flow family have missed Lois immensely and we are extremely excited to have her back with us! And whilst it means a thank you and goodbye to Paul, who has been supporting us whilst Lois has been away, we are thrilled that Lois is back. As our founder and Managing Director, her passion and drive is a huge force to have back within the office day-to-day and we couldn’t be any luckier to have her as our number one!

So while we are writing this to offer our very own big welcome back to Lois, clients new and old may wish to do the same, so feel free to give Lois a call whether it’s to talk about business, both new and old or simply to pick her brain on any tips on parenthood!!

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