Content Marketing Matters! We can prove it!

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Content Marketing Matters!

“61% of consumers are influenced by custom content”

Content Marketing is a form of marketing that involves the creation of targeted shareable content such as social media and blog posts, infographics and videos to stimulate interest and indirectly promote a brand, service or product.

Content Marketing is currently a very popular method used by marketing professionals to create quality inbound leads and to generate potential client interest. 90% of businesses are using these methods, but does this mean that content marketing is saturating the market and that it’s no longer relevant in 2018?

Content & Digital Marketing

Content marketing is a tried and tested method for generating leads and creating potential client interest and results organically, but the content is king for it to work effectively! For content marketing to achieve the best and desired results, the content must be relevant and tailored to the intended audiences otherwise it will just fall flat. Making your content of high quality and ensuring it is relevant will help it stand out against the vast amounts of other content published daily.

70% of people would rather learn about you and your messages through blogs and social media posts than through paid advertising.

While online adverts are still an effective method, there is now such a high volume out there, consumers will often automatically tune out of pop-ups, and other forms of paid advertising. Therefore, content marketing is an effective method for your message to be heard without it being forced upon your target audiences. They will receive your message organically, meaning they are more likely to retain what you have to offer. However, that doesn’t mean that paid advertising should be avoided! Simply that online PPC adverts now work best alongside content marketing methods to boost performance.

Things to Consider When Incorporating Content Marketing into Your Strategy
  • Conduct thorough market and audience research to ensure that any content that is created is relevant to your audience. This will ensure your posts are of interest to your intended audience as consumers will spend on average 37 seconds taking in your content.
  • It is a cost-effective method of marketing as it is essentially free. However, remember money will be spent on the time taken to research, plan and create content, but it will overall cost less than PPC.
Bonuses of Incorporating Content Marketing into Your Strategy
  • It will cost less than using paid advertising. While paid advertising may provide results sooner, organic content marketing will provide you with more meaningful results.
  • Content marketing will also improve your ranking with Google. The more content that is available on Google, there is a higher chance that your intended audiences will be able to locate you.

When content marketing is used correctly, it can work wonders to generate organic leads and consumer interest. When thorough research is conducted and content is created and tailored to suit target audiences, content marketing is one of the most effective methods for lead generation, brand awareness and product and service sales making content marketing completely relevant in 2018.

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