Top Tips for a Successful SEO Strategy

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93% of online experiences begin with a search engine.

That is a staggering figure! So it is very important to ensure your business is sitting right at the top of a search to guarantee the clicks through to your website, and ultimately revenue!

Digital Marketing SEO

SEO, (short for search engine optimisation) is the process of using various techniques to increase your website ranking in search engine results. This then increases the quantity of traffic to your website through organic search results. It is all about making your website more visible in search engines to prospective audiences and clients.

So as we are your lovely marketing gurus…Here are some of the things needed to achieve a successful SEO strategy:
  • Readability and Relevance
    Google has Googlebot spiders (yes, they are real!) roaming the internet! For them to find a page and understand the content on that page, the content must be in a format that is readable and relevant to your website. Also, any images, graphics or videos that are embedded onto your page must contain relevant titles and alternative text.
  • Keyword Research
    When planning and conducting a SEO strategy, it is important to decide and understand what keywords and phrases your potential target audiences will be searching for. Choose your high priority keywords & related secondary keywords and conduct online market research to see where you currently rank. Once this knowledge is established, the keywords need to be incorporated into the content, descriptions and titles of your website as your content must be relevant for SEO to work correctly. There are a number of great free tools online for keyword research:- Google Keyword Planner
    Google Trends
    KW Finder

    This solid foundation will set you in very good stead for a sparkly SEO strategy that delivers!

  • Appealing, Targeted Content
    Creating credible and relevant content that your intended target audiences want to find and read will help with Google crawling your website pages. Also, creating relevant content will aid with social sharing and link building which will make your content more credible, which will work better in Google’s search engine algorithm.

  • Incorporate Relevant Title Tags and Meta Descriptions.When optimising your web pages, it is important to incorporate title tags and meta descriptions. These are used frequently by Google and they are what is displayed when your webpage appears on the search results.Title Tag And Meta DescriptionCreating and incorporating the relevant title tags and meta descriptions is the perfect opportunity to incorporate your relevant keywords and get your intended target audience to click.
  • Optimise your Website Pages for Speed
    Using services such as Google page speed tester, will reveal the speed of your page. This will enable you to ensure is the page is reaching optimum speeds. Ensuring that your intended target audience can navigate their way through your website with no speed or security issues is important to Google, and will always be an important factor for Google search engine rankings.

SEO can be a difficult task but has been proven to be an effective tool for Search Engine Marketing. However, SEO is not a one solution quick fix! It is an ongoing process in which you are continually changing and improving your website, in line with search engines changing and upgrading their criteria of how and where you appear in the search engine results.

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