Fresh Flow in the Coronavirus Age

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These are unusual times with a lot of uncertainty. At this moment, with the growing outbreak of COVID-19, businesses across the UK are facing new kinds of challenges and pressures every day. Nobody really understands what is happening right now; not even the experts. But we do know that we will adapt and we will get through this. Together. 

At Fresh Flow, we have always ensured that we have a failsafe remote working operation, that means we are able to fully support our client base when the time calls. Our solid systems have been put to the test over the years when mother nature has come calling and once again we’ve adapted to working from home seamlessly this past week, with all areas of the business fully functioning and delivering for clients. Our systems and technology mean this was possible as soon as it was necessary and we’re so proud of how the Fresh Flow family is pushing on through this crisis.  

INBOUND: Call Answering 

Our Call Answering services are flat out as we take calls for a whole range of businesses. We serve as the inbound customer service arm for all sorts of clients in a range of sectors, including IT, insurance, construction, property and accountancy. For some of these clients, we take all the calls, for others it’s just when they’re not available. At the moment however, we’re taking all the calls; all the time. And it’s great! We count it a real privilege to be partnering with businesses, supporting them through this chaos, making sure they’re looking after customers, not missing any opportunities and releasing them to focus on getting work done! There’s no minimum monthly charge or fixed contract; you simply pay for the calls we answer. For more information, check out our call answering pages here.  

OUTBOUND: Telemarketing 

The Outbound team have adjusted incredibly to working from home. The beauty of our work normally is that these guys are a team, able to encourage and cheer one another on as we deliver various campaigns in the office. They’ve had to work out new ways to support one another but the results they’re delivering continue to be awesome! Given social distancing initially and now the lockdown, the telemarketing team have adjusted tactics, moving from primarily generating face to face appointments, to scheduling telephone appointments are the results we continue to secure for clients are awesome! We’re finding more people are free and available to chat, keen to take calls as part of their day and happy to schedule conversations. Tara from the outbound team said: 

“With the current situation and most people working from home, decision makers tend to have more time to chat with regards to their current processes as they are not in a busy office or factory environment.” 

We’ve found people are taking this opportunity to analyse and review their existing provisions, giving opportunity for benchmarking and exploring new processes. Prospects are keen to push on in the current climate, laying a firm foundation for when this storm passes. And we are here. For. It! For more information, check out our telemarketing pages here.  


Our Fresh Flow Digital superstars are busier than ever at the moment, supporting businesses staying in touch with prospects and reassuring them of business continuity during this season. We’ve been working on new PPC and SEO campaigns, continuing with email marketing and writing blogs for a whole range of clients. It’s been great partnering with our clients as they let the world know they’re working and available to offer their fantastic services. Now is the time customers are home, and taking stock of suppliers. Let’s make sure you’re out there competing! Fresh Flow can boost you on search engines, helping you be the first click as people search for new services during this time. Click here for more information on our digital marketing services. 

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