Adapting to Coronavirus Working Life: Part 1

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5 Suggestions to make this a Massive Business Improvement Opportunity 

There’s simply no getting away from it. We are all completely immersed by it. We pick up our morning paper, it’s staring right at us. We turn on the TV, and it’s smothered in it. We pull up the internet or our social media feeds, and they are plastered in it! To use an understated and familiar term, we are indeed living in unprecedented times. The effect that the Coronavirus pandemic is having on us all is all too evident. However, over the working week that has just passed, we have witnessed an incredible change to people’s attitudes now that the realisation of what working life is going to look like for the foreseeable future has finally sunk in.  

Let’s face it and be realistic, as no matter what the size or nature of your business, if you are currently adapting to a remote working solution then you most definitely have more time on your hands. Each and every day we are all making sure that we are being as productive as we possibly can be. However, without the daily vigour of your normal working environment, you may be finding that you can achieve far more (because you are less distracted), meaning tasks can be completed more quickly, resulting in additional capacity. Therefore, what a fantastic opportunity for us to sit back, take stock and make some key decisions for our businesses that will ensure when this is all over, we are ready and raring to go! 

So, we thought we’d spend the next two blogs giving some suggestions for how to maximise this time and build for the future. Here are our first two tips! 

1. Explore Training & Development Opportunities

There is a huge amount of uncertainty out there at the moment, with none of us, not even the experts, not knowing when this will all be over. Your employees will be feeling a sense of anxiety, worrying about their jobs and worrying what tomorrow might bring…So what better time to alleviate their stress and worry and to show them just how committed you are to them by investing in their development? 

You could look at training on your CRM or existing systems, identifying what your employees feel they need to make that next big step or simply go the extra mile to support them at this topsy-turvy time. By implementing these extra measures, you will be coming off the back of a global pandemic with more to your arsenal than before it took a grip on us all.  

There are literally thousands of online resources available to us all, let’s make the most of them!  

2. Conduct a Cost-cutting Analysis  

Being a B2B Direct Marketing Agency, we have been all too guilty in the past of investing in the latest tech, gadgets or software, perhaps more out of interest than necessity. Even though we are only a week into the official nationwide lockdown, it has already exposed a number of tools that we currently invest in that are simply not needed. Only last week, while conducting a piece of outbound work, one of the Fresh Flow team spoke to a prospect in the manufacturing sector who commented that they were conducting an MRO (maintain, repair & overhaul) exercise to assess all areas of their operation with the objective of cutting costs. Take this opportunity to do the same! Your hand may, or may not be forced to reach out to the UK Government to access the support measures for businesses that have been announced recently, but whatever scenario you’re faced with, use the current climate to do some cost-cutting of your own.  


It could be three months, four months, five months or even longer until normal service is resumed for us all, but one thing is for sure, if we use the time wisely, the outlook when we come out of this may be a lot sweeter for a lot of us than before we went in. 

Make sure you check out the next blog with 3 more suggestions for how to make the most of this time! 

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