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It only took a reminder from Linked In for us to realise (shameful we know…Blame 2020 throwing all concept of time out the window!). So now we’ve taken some time to stop and take stock of all we’ve achieved over the last nine years. Here are 9 things we’re proud of!

1. We still have some of our first ever clients, partnering with us almost a decade later!

2. Our values remain integral to who we are:
RELATIONSHIP: We build strong relationships with our clients, so we’re simply an extension of their business. We also build relationships for our clients, linking them up with the right people for them to do business with.

EXCELLENCE: We aren’t the traditional direct marketing agency you may have had experience with…Brash and cringe-worthy salespeople, begging for clients and promising the earth to secure opportunities. Excellence is critical to all we deliver.

PROFITABILITY: Our work is wasted if our standards aren’t high and results aren’t secured. We don’t want to waste clients’ time sending them to meaningless meetings and pointless sales opportunities. We work to ensure our efforts result in significant increase in sales and turnover for our clients! And we LOVE delivering results!

3. The Fresh Flow family!!
We’re a tight-knit group, where every individual’s unique contribution is valued and appreciated. In this season more than ever, looking out for and supporting one another is critical, and whilst we’re missing being in the office together, we want to build and shape things to ensure staff are supported and cared for with whatever they need.

4. We are overcomers!
2020 was challenging for everyone, but add in 5 foot of water flooding your office a month before Lockdown was instated and I think it’s fair to say we probably had it tougher than most! But we’re so proud of how we have grown and learned from 2020’s experiences and others. Following the flood, we were back up and running in record time without our service to clients being impacted at all, and we’ve continued to service clients seamlessly throughout the pandemic.

5. Our Evolution and Diversification
Lois started out as a sole trader telemarketer in 2008. She established Fresh Flow in 2012 offering solely telemarketing, but we have since grown and developed to offer a full range of direct marketing solutions. We love our blended approach and how it’s delivering results for a beautiful range of businesses

6. Our Unique Blend
Sounds like we’re selling coffee but seriously…the unique partnership we have built between telemarketing and email marketing is yielding results like nothing else. And when you couple that with our digital marketing activity too, our work is a force to be reckoned with!

7. Our Tools
As experts in the direct marketing field, we know the tools we use are critical to delivering the results our clients want. We’re proud of the bespoke systems we’ve built to secure quality results across our client base, and love how they have evolved and developed over the last 9 years to improve our service and create winning campaigns!

8. Our Bilingual Ability
Official stats say that being able to communicate in Welsh is now officially cool, with people learning the Welsh language in 2020 up 34% on stats compared to 2018. At Fresh Flow, we have a bilingual team, so whether a telemarketing or digital journey is your preferred route to targeting your next big client, we can conduct this in both English and Welsh!

9. Our Diversity
How could we not end by reflecting on our wonderfully diverse clients! If you’re in business, the likelihood is you’re looking for sales and clients somewhere…That means you could use Fresh Flow! Without being locked into a specific sector, we have the privilege of partnering with a broad range of businesses, from cleaning product suppliers and IT Support companies, through to training providers and Welsh Government! And we LOVE the diverse mix of businesses we’re supporting every day, to achieve their ambitious goals!

To find out more about the last 9 years and the plans we have for the next 9, please get in touch on 01443 440080 or email us at hello@fresh-flow.co.uk

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