Lead Generation & The New Normal

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With the country slowly getting back to normal, you may be thinking now is the perfect time to ramp up your marketing efforts and work on generating new leads for your business. However, how do you do this while navigating the ‘new normal’?

Regardless of what happens with COVID-19, the ‘new normal’ is here to stay and the way businesses run has completely changed, meaning your marketing and lead generation strategies need to change to match the current landscape.

Here at Fresh Flow, we offer a wide range of service to create a unique blend of marketing to help many types of businesses with their marketing efforts and generating new leads.

So how can we help you generate leads in the ‘new normal’ landscape?


The ‘new normal’ is now a perfect time to ramp up your prospecting, and our telemarketing service is the perfect lead generation method to do this. Despite the UK beginning to open back up, many will still prefer to do things virtually, and telemarketing is the perfect tool for this!  Instead of using B2B telemarketing to book face to face meetings, it can now be used to book virtual meetings with prospective clients, send out samples to your potential customers, gather important information that your business can leverage in the future and so much more!

Digital Marketing

The pandemic has shown how much can be achieved online. Digital Marketing has thrived over the past year, as businesses begun to realise its benefits while the country was in lockdown and the importance of an online presence. Email marketing, SEO & PPC and much more are marketing methods that can be done anywhere at any time and can target the right people at the right time.

Call Answering Service

The ‘new normal’ for many office workers for the foreseeable is part-time office hours, or permanently working from home. This means, there is a chance that important phone calls may be missed. This is where our call answering service, is the perfect fit. If you are not available to answer the phone your lead generation efforts could have gone to waste! Customers will scroll past to call another provider and you will have missed the sale. This is why we partner with many businesses to ensure no business opportunities or sales enquiries are missed!

Are you interested?

With our services, we want to help businesses of all sectors and sizes navigate the ‘new normal’ and get back on track! If you are interested, give us a call today on 01443 440080. We would love to chat with you 

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