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Welsh football fans will be familiar with the Dafydd Iwan classic that has become an anthem for the national team. ‘Yma o Hyd’ or ‘we are still here’ is a song of hope and resilience in spite of challenges…and an attitude we at Fresh Flow embody.

You may or may not be aware that we were struck by floods again earlier this month. Nothing compared to the 5 foot of water we were submerged under in 2020, but 4 inches or so throughout was enough to do some damage!

Incredibly, no work for clients was impacted, with the Fresh Flow team immediately switching to home working and delivering for clients across the board, even onboarding some new campaigns this month. After an amazing effort from our directors and landlord, we have resumed office working again after just over two weeks back home.

We’re so proud of the strength and resilience of this business, showing once again that we can excel whatever is thrown at us.

Resilience is our middle name! Yma o hyd…We’re still here!

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