Business in the Community

Business in the Community

Who: Business in the Community is the Prince of Wales’ business network. They are a business-led, issue-focused charity with more than 30 years’ experience of mobilising business. Business in the Community engage thousands of businesses through their innovative programmes driven by a core membership of over 800 organisations from small enterprises to global corporations.

What we did: We have partnered with Business in the Community on several occasions, but for this particular project, Fresh Flow were employed to promote a Business in the Community ‘Access the Buyer’ event, targeting businesses within the Food & Drink industry in Wales. ‘Access the Buyer’, sponsored by Santander UK, brings together large companies with SMEs to share information and knowledge about accessing supply chain opportunities, with the aim of helping SMEs to grow, employ more people and stimulate local economies.

Through our expertise in outbound telemarketing, promotion and event management, we assisted Business in the Community to reach a maximum number of businesses throughout Wales within the Food & Drink sector to promote an ‘Access the Buyer’ event held at The Vale Resort, Hensol, Cardiff.

Outcome: Our target throughout the two- week exercise was to engage with at least one hundred SME’s within the Food & Drink sectors, In Wales with the goal of securing 25 attendees for the ‘Access the Buyer’ event.  Following completion of the work, we had successfully engaged with over two hundred key influencers, resulting in over 80 delegates being secured for the Business in the Community event.

What our client said: ‘’We organise three ‘Access the Buyer’ events throughout Wales each year, with the event at The Vale Resort being our most successful to date. Fresh Flow played an instrumental part in the event’s success and represented Business in the Community with highest regard, through their non-script led, ethical telemarketing approach’’.

Keely McMahon-Perry 
Head of Business Development & Funding 

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