EAL Qualifications

Product: Fresh Flow Outbound Telemarketing Campaign

During 2016 Fresh Flow were commissioned for a direct marketing campaign involving canvassing 700 EAL Centres, with regard to their present and future account planning for 2016 and 2017. We call it ‘soft intel calling’ to establish/introduce what EAL qualifications and services are presently offered to the 700 centres and to also understand the future needs of the centres and how EAL can support them now and in the future with new qualifications or an improved service offering.

The market research undertaken by Fresh Flow on this campaign was very thorough and provided an in-depth overview of the opportunities / add on qualifications that might be adopted by the 700 centres. Furthermore, the campaign established how EAL could drive up average spend to secure an increase of new learners per centre by providing an improved service offering and/or additional courses offered.

Whilst the aim for the telemarketing was to increase value by driving up new learner sales, this activity also served a range of other purposes including highlighting any customer service issues. As such, the telephone calls to our centres were very well received and highlighted improvement opportunities for us in how we could further support the centres and in turn clarified what we needed to do to generate further sales.

Fresh Flow gathered some very valuable market intelligence for EAL which has helped us with our future strategic planning and decision making. The campaign resulted in an increase of almost 3,500 new learners with a revenue increase of 149%.

David Morgan
National Sales Manager

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