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Product: Integrated Marketing Campaign


We have recently run a very successful integrated marketing campaign with Fresh Flow Direct Marketing. The aim of the campaign was to engage SME businesses employers in South Wales and the South West who were willing to have a free consultation to investigate if capital allowances could be administered for past and present property purchases.

By my own admission, it was a very complicated marketing campaign. Capital allowances is complex and requires the skills of both surveying and tax professionals. Kilsby & Williams are one of only a few organisations in Wales and the West that are able to advise on and to prepare claims. Whilst tax relief is not available against the trading profits for the bricks and mortar price a company pay when purchasing a property; our successful clients can subject to meeting certain conditions claim tax relief by way of capital allowances for fixtures they acquire with a property.

The marketing team at Fresh Flow designed and executed a co-ordinated plan which included a marketing mix of data purchase and cleansing, marketing collateral, targeted direct mail, follow-up e-shot campaigns and telemarketing. Their internal processes and systems are very impressive and helped give us confidence very quickly that we were dealing with people who knew what they were doing. The appointment setting was very efficient and has resulted in an initial campaign which has been an unequivocal success. We are now embarking on further outsourced marketing support from Fresh Flow and they are now part and parcel of all our ongoing marketing initiatives.

Matt Jeffery
Tax Partner

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