Adapting to Coronavirus Working Life: Part 2

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In our last blog, we started looking at some ways of maximizing the time we have because of the current Coronavirus Pandemic. We saw that now is the ideal time to Explore Training & Development Opportunities and Conduct a Cost-cutting Analysis. Here’s part two of our blog series with another three suggestions for how to lay a solid foundation and build for success in the future.  

3) Forge New Partnerships and Relationships 

None of us could have predicted the impact that Coronavirus would have on us all. At Fresh Flow we went from discussing the exciting fairytale of planning what the next 3 years was going to look like, to dungeons and dragons within the space of 48 hours. But let’s count our blessings in this time! 

It’s the perfect opportunity to be exploring new partnerships and looking ahead to the future with new suppliers. That thing you’ve been putting off looking into? Get going! Set up the conference calls with people to review new opportunities and get started! 

The current situation has made it all too evident the partners we simply cannot be without. For example, our I.T. infrastructure and support team along with our Telecommunications partner means that we have adapted seamlessly to the current scenario we are faced with. Without the existing relationships we have, the transition from a normal working day to the new working from home regime would not have been possible. Daily, our outbound telemarketing team are booking real opportunities with prospects for our clients to forge new partnerships. Even though face-to-face opportunities are mostly a non-starter, hundreds of thousands of us are now utilising the opportunities to online video calling to conduct meetings. We have evidenced that people are at home, ready and willing to discuss new working relationships, an opportunity that is too good to miss!  

4) Building Relationships in a Digital World 

Has your business been built on face to face relationships? If so, it is time to change! 

In this current climate it has never been so important to adapt and accept the need for change. Use this time to start building healthy communication between potential and existing clients via the digital channels available and watch your business grow. 

Social media is one of the best opportunities for effective communication in the digital world and is often regarded as the best way to build or grow your business on the internet. So, begin improving your digital communication skills, social media is an excellent place to start. The most effective social media platforms for professional communication are Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn.   

LinkedIn is essentially the “business version” of Facebook and is a great way to network within your industry. Twitter is great for brief conversation and Facebook is more the complete service incorporating photos, videos, messaging etc. 

So, spend more time and devote some company resources to building and nurturing your business relationships, it could be the start of something fantastic and done properly your business will grow. 

5) Review your Marketing Collateral 

Now is the ideal moment to refresh the copy on your website, give your marketing materials a facelift and freshen up your brand! Conduct a robust review of your online presence. Does it still reflect who you are and what you do? Has your business moved on from how you’re represented online? Now is the perfect opportunity to take stock and freshen up your company image. Why not take some time to update some of the copy? Perhaps you could change some of the photographs? Is it time to do complete a branding exercise and possibly rebrand? Now you have the capacity, why not think through these things and explore if something needs to change? 

We hope these 5 suggestions have been useful for you! Take care and we’ll hopefully see you again some time soon! 

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